Success stories!

Hi, all!

Well, I forgot to prepare today’s body language post, and they take a fair amount of time — which I’m out of! We’ll delay it a week, and instead I give you some quickie fun stuff.

First, I got a lovely email from one of my clients, who had a small dog that was biting them (and oftentimes breaking the skin) on a regular basis.

Hi Jenna,

Barley is doing well! ūüėÄ

Thanks to you, he hasn’t growled at anyone lately. He is sweeter and calmer. Since you explained to us more about his behavior, we understand his limits. Our respect for each other is totally reciprocal and it works really well! Thank you so much for being so generous to us. You are truly a godsend.

If anything happens at all, I will definitely email you right away.

Thank you again very much!



WOO HOO! I love those emails!

Another fun thing is that Tango’s recall is coming along nicely! Birds, being prey animals (and non-domesticated) are easily distracted and take time to learn things in unfamiliar settings. Since the goal is to be able to call him back should he fly away, it doesn’t do me much good to teach him recall only in the house. Once he’d mastered that, we started moving outside (and pretty much had to start all over!). Take a look at his recall a week after we started, and again a month later:

(He’s able to come from farther distances outside, but that would make for a boring video!)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing little birds run. ūüėČ



Testimonials and fun stories!

Just some snippets from emails I’ve gotten from clients…

From Doris, in regards to her lovely lady, Riley, after our sessions on recall in stressful and distracting situations:

Riley and C [Riley’s buddy] were¬†running around off leash in a grassy area. A man was walking his dog, and turned around as soon as he saw the dogs. C and Riley started to walk over when they saw the dog, but then I called Riley over. Riley paused for a second (which scared the crap out of me), but then she ran over. C followed the dog. We found out later the dog used to be a bait dog, so she was NOT dog friendly. The owner acted very responsibly to keep C away, and C’s owner was able to grab C in the end.¬†

Well done, Riley! 

In other fabulous news, I just had a client cancel an appointment with her Great Dane, who¬†was¬†aggressive toward people. He’s done so amazingly well since our first two appointments that I’m no longer needed. I love that!


An after school special

Part of an email I received after giving a guest lecture in a high school, where several of the other teachers listened in!

As a side note, I forgot to tell you that not only was your presentation in Hammack’s bio class SO informative and fun, it was also such a treat to watch a gifted teacher practicing her craft.¬† You are so clear and so patient, and those are hard things to come by.¬† As one teacher to another, I give you big props!!

Thanks, Paris!


And from Janise, of Amore Pet Sitting Services, regarding her severely toy-obsessed Boston terrier, Starsky:

Hi Jenna,

Thank you for coming to our home and working with us yesterday!!!! I am so impressed with your knowledge and abilities- WOW!!!!!
As we discussed, when I get a chance I am going to post your dog walking technique on my Amore Webpage along with your link.
Starsky is already doing much better….actually he is pooped out and too tired to be naughty LOL !
I feel so relieved to have found you!!!
Kindest Regards,
 Janise Burford
Amore Pet Sitting Services
Thanks, Janise!

‘Net Updates

Hello, everyone!

I was approached just a few weeks ago by a woman writing in Los Gatos, who’d heard about my dog training. She interviewed me and a few Los Gatos clients, and the article she wrote appeared online today! It’s at her Outdoor Connections column, and how many people look at it, (and how many of those comment!) will determine how long it stays up. So go look today!

I’m so excited! I feel almost famous!

Of course, if you’d like to write something about me, you can always check my Yelp page (Yelp is a little frustrating; there are three reviews, but two have been filtered — despite being legit reviews! Ah, well). And if you’d just like more information, you can check out my website, as well!

But first, go read the article. There are pretty pictures and everything!