Birds and dogs

Before I start, for the record in regards to the last post, Cash finally decided to go potty where I was telling him to go that afternoon. I’d already decided that if he waited until night, it was too much trouble and he’d win! But now he’s happily going under the stairs, and I don’t have to walk out to the bushes with him at night. Hooray!

Now, for the next post!

I have a conure, fondly (and sometimes not so fondly) referred to as  Bobby da Bird by those who know him.

Bobby is utterly fearless when it comes to dogs, which is both a good and a bad thing. Lily da Pit Bill was, once upon a time, a bird killer. She’d stalk them outside, pounce, and quite often succeed in catching (and eating) them. When I adopted her, you can imagine this was of some concern to me! But time and effort (and a lot of chasing her away from the birds) paid off, and today she lives with Bobby da Bird peacefully.

I mention this because Bobby’s out wandering around on the floor at the moment, and when he decided he was ready to be picked up (and Lily was in his way), he crawled up onto her foreleg and sat there, contemplating whatever it is that birds contemplate. She licked him, but didn’t eat. Hooray! Then he climbed up onto her back and I picked him up from there. All in all, a hard day’s work — for Lily. Bobby isn’t worried in the slightest, but you can practically see the wheels turning in Lily’s head: I want to eat the bird. Must not harm bird. EAT BIRD. DO NOT HARM. Mom is watching! Bird is climbing! Do not harm! Poor girl did remarkably well. 😉 (I think Bobby is of the opinion that he could take her. He might be right.)

The next time someone tells you that it’s impossible to fight instinct or old habits, just tell them about the rodent-and-bird-eating pit bull who lets birds climb on her and mice run across her toes. (What, I haven’t told you about that? Hmm. Some other time. ;))