About Jenna

Jenna has been training dogs since she was a teenager. They’ve always made as much or more sense to her than humans have, and learning dog body language only confirmed what she’d already been feeling! While learning, she trained her neighbor’s dogs, which ranged from teaching a deaf dog basic commands to teaching a fear biter better coping mechanisms and helping build confidence.

She didn’t start charging for these services until someone asked her to work with his human aggressive king shepherd. When she found out that few trainers would help human aggressive dogs, she started doing it on the side. From there she branched into dog aggression (dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs), then downscaled to basic manners and puppy training. You could say she worked backward!

Jenna tried positive reinforcement only, hunt dog training, and Cesar Milan-type training before realizing that while all of those worked for most dogs, none of them worked for all dogs, and none of them worked for most people! She started what she calls “holistic dog training,” which really means, use the techniques that work best for that dog and owner.

Jenna has a behavioral psychology degree from the University of Guelph, and initially learned dog training the old fashioned way — trial and error — before finding other top trainers and learning from them. She continues to learn with other top trainers in this area, swapping ideas and exchanging methods, and still researches and reads up on new theories and techniques. (For the occasional scientific study that she thinks might be relevant to others, you can follow Lily and Cash’s facebook page. She generally links the studies there!)

While working in Southern California and building her reputation, she also trained horses. Many of the horse tricks she learned over the years translated well into dog tricks, too, which tickles her to no end. She moved to Northern California because she was tired of the desert and non-dog friendly areas, and she’s been proud to call the South Bay area home since 2009. Business has boomed since then, allowing her to hire on a part-time assistant trainer and find a place with a yard and a landlord who allows her to board and train dogs. In fact, he seems to enjoy seeing the dogs come and go!

Next up on her world agenda: to build a reputation across the seas, so she can write off international travel. Maybe some day!

In the meantime, if you’d like help you can contact her via email at jenna.b.mcdonald@gmail.com, or phone at (951) 704-5766. If you live in the South Bay area she’s happy to help. In the rest of the bay (and US) she can help for a travel charge, in Southern California she can help on occasion when she travels down, and if you’d like help but can’t afford full charge, she does work in some limited trade for local clients, and is happy to consider a long-distance client with the aid of technology (phone, video, email, etc). Hooray for technology!


One thought on “About Jenna

  1. This was the most worthless article I’ve ever read. Don’t take your dog to the dog park and then complain about annoying dogs wanting to play with them, its called socializing them. You sound like the person who goes to a party to sit there alone, and snap at someone when they annoy you.

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