Testimonials and fun stories!

Just some snippets from emails I’ve gotten from clients…

From Doris, in regards to her lovely lady, Riley, after our sessions on recall in stressful and distracting situations:

Riley and C [Riley’s buddy] were running around off leash in a grassy area. A man was walking his dog, and turned around as soon as he saw the dogs. C and Riley started to walk over when they saw the dog, but then I called Riley over. Riley paused for a second (which scared the crap out of me), but then she ran over. C followed the dog. We found out later the dog used to be a bait dog, so she was NOT dog friendly. The owner acted very responsibly to keep C away, and C’s owner was able to grab C in the end. 

Well done, Riley! 

In other fabulous news, I just had a client cancel an appointment with her Great Dane, who was aggressive toward people. He’s done so amazingly well since our first two appointments that I’m no longer needed. I love that!



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