Tango video

Things have been a wee bit crazy here at Feathers and Fur, with boarding and visiting Tango and weddings and deadlines and the general run of life, when life decides to run you around.

The last post up was a personality assessment of Tango and T’s sibling from two weeks ago. I went to see them again yesterday, and many of the same traits held true! Tango’s sib is still beaking hard, Tango still likes his/her neck scratched and is still wary of new things, but the good work of their breeder is also shining through: Tango’s sib isn’t beaking AS hard, and once out of his/her cage, Tango becomes a happy little explorer, thrilled to be petted and cuddled and find new things.

All that said, here! A video, just for you.

I’ll try and get more dog content up here next week. By then, some of my craziness should be over!


**Edit: Note that in the end, the bird referred to here as “Tango’s sib” actually ended up being Tango. Going back through these posts, I chuckle that I didn’t realize it early; Tango was constantly climbing on me and demanding attention!


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