The Feathers in Feathers and Fur

The name “Feathers and Fur” came about because of my mother. It was her idea! I’ve always had birds, and at the time I was training both birds and dogs. She suggested combining them. (The name appealed in other ways, too. For instance, the long fur on the legs of some breeds of dogs are referred to as “feathers.”)

I have a special place in my heart for African Greys, having owned one before. (That’s a long, and heartbreaking, story.) I get along better with them than with any other parrot. I know, because I’ve owned several other parrots!

Sadly, in October I had to put my last parrot down. Bobby was fantastic, a great help, truly frustrating, and hilarious. At the time, that was the end of the feathers of Feathers and Fur — the first time that’s happened since I started using the name eight years ago. It took some time for me to grieve and recover, and even then I wasn’t sure I was ready for another pet of any sort, and especially not a high-maintenance parrot.

After several months, something inside me shifted. I’ve done my research, bought books, read scientific articles, brushed up on parrot theory and raising practices, and it’s time to bring the feathers back into Feathers and Fur!

It is with great pleasure that I tell you I found Bird Heaven Aviaries (and their Facebook page) and their Timneh Greys!

My baby-to-be was born last Saturday. At that point, he or she looked like this:


(She or he is going to get uglier before he or she gets cuter, but eventually she or he will be adorable.)

As of this post, he or she looks like this:

Papooga / / CC BY

I warned you: uglier. The cute yellow down leaves first, and pinfeathers will start coming in in the next few weeks. Along with dog info, I’ll start posting a picture a week, and you can follow along as the baby grows. He or she probably won’t come home until mid August, but a baby is on the way. Soon Feathers and Fur will have feathers once more!

Now… all I need is a name!



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