Puppies and stairs

I saw this super cute video, and had a good laugh — especially since I’ve boarded quite a few puppies lately who are still struggling with stairs!

(I cannot seem to embed the video, but click here to see it!)

The girl filming, by the way, does a phenomenal job of encouragement and praise. Just FYI. 😉

Now, if you don’t have a dog to teach your puppy how to use the stairs, here’s one method:

1. Pick your puppy up and carry her down the stairs.

2. Set her on the very last step.

3. Praise and treat and cuddle and love when she hops off.

4. Repeat, this time starting two steps from the bottom.

When you’re at a point where your puppy is being cautious, stay at that level until they’re comfortable going down the steps. Then add another.

The steeper and more narrow your stairs, the longer it will take your puppy to learn. They’re growing so fast that they can barely remember where their feet are, much less navigate down a flight of stairs! Have patience, and enjoy the cuteness while it lasts. Soon enough they’ll be barreling up and down them at full speed!



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