Tips and tricks: walking and leashes

If you walk your dog and your dog pulls/is learning not to pull, there are a couple of little tricks you can do to help yourself.

1. Tie a knot in your leash.

Stand with your dog beside you and take up the slack in your leash until it’s taut. Then loosen off a couple of inches. In that spot where your hand sits, tie a knot. This will help give you some leverage and keep your hand from sliding along your leash every time you tug or your dog pulls. It’ll also give you an idea of where your dog should be when he’s walking: wherever the leash isn’t tight!

2. Get a leather or rope leash.

Leather leashes are easier on your hand, but if your dog chews on the leash (or you have a giant breed), you might consider a rope leash. Little known fact: leather is used on young horses because if they pull hard enough, it snaps before it hurts them. While your dog would have to be impressively strong and your leash would have to be worn in order to break, it is possible. Dogs can also bite through them pretty easily.

If a leather leash isn’t a good fit, try a rope leash. Look specifically for rope that’s fat and round, not flat or skinny. (Do not use an actual rope; it’s too thin and will cut into your hand!) Flat leashes will rub (and possibly burn) your hand: fat rope leashes will be a little easier on your skin!

Hopefully this will help!



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