Fun stuff!

The last few posts have been vaguely depressing. Useful, but depressing! I get tired, after a while, of trouble shooting: it reminds me of the problems that are out there, and training to get a dog through life-threatening things can mean tough love. But we all like to just love our dogs, and enjoy our dogs, and laugh with our dogs.

If you’re dealing with a dog that has serious issues, remember to look for (and praise!) the good stuff. It’ll make everyone’s life better. 😉 In the meantime, here are some awesome dog videos to brighten up your day!

We tried to give my dogs lemons. They weren’t nearly so hilarious.

One of my favorite talking dog videos:

And my VERY favorite cat video (because dogs and cats are like peas in a pod, right?):

If you have favorite dog (or cat) videos, feel free to share them!



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