Blog entertainment and a summertime reminder

Real content resumes tomorrow, with further details on walking properly! (Real content generally comes on Fridays. The other days I just have stuff that entertains ME.) Here is a vastly amusing anecdote about a woman and her dog trainer. I think many of you might relate! (I did!)

On a slight topic change, because I’ve seen it several times now, here are two summertime doggie don’ts:

1. Don’t put ice in your dog’s water. The sudden cold liquid on a hot stomach can cause bloat, a very painful and deadly condition in which your dog’s stomach twists. (This also means don’t let your dog drink water if someone has put ice in it. I see this occasionally from well-meaning people outside restaurants.)

2. Don’t encourage your dog to drink when they’re hot. It seems like a good idea to us, but most dogs are pretty good at self regulating; they’ll drink when they’ve cooled off enough to do so safely, and in the meantime they may or may not sip — depending on if it’s safe.

For other summertime reminders, check this previous post!



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