To those people subscribed, who are wondering what’s with the password…

Hi, everyone!

My webdesigner is doing fun stuff with my website, and requested that I put together a different sort of bio. In trying to do so, I posted it here — dated last January — with a password so only she could see it. My hope was that since it was backdated, no one would notice, and my webdesigner could enter the password and see what I’d done.

But apparently anyone who was subscribed also got a notice that there was a new entry that was password protected. I don’t know if that takes you just to my blog — in which case it would be extra confusing, as the entry wouldn’t be visible unless you went back to January — or if it took you to the entry, which would then ask for a password. Either way, just ignore it; now I know better, and I won’t do that again!

I am, however, excited to learn that people have subscribed. Now that’s fun!



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