FAQs: Some short answers

FAQ: Do you ever trade?

Answer: Very rarely, though I’m perfectly willing. I don’t want dog training to be only for rich people! I’d trade for cooking, cleaning, gardening and indexing. I think right now I have it set that I’ll “pay” someone $35/hour for any of those things, but if you think something else is fair, I’m willing to negociate!


FAQ: My dog is x years old. Is she too told to train?

Answer: Heavens no! I’ve retrained 14-year-old human aggressive dogs, 16-year-old barkers, and many, many, many 9 and 10 year old dog aggressive dogs.

Dogs are like people. If they stop learning, then when someone asks them to start again it’s a slow start: they have to re-learn how to learn! So expect it might take a little more tenacity to break old bad habits and learn new good ones, but you’ll get there.

In older dogs we have to be careful of physical strain, so any time you’re training an older dog that has to be taken into account. Be sure to disclose any issues the dog is having! Arthritis, knee soreness, partial blindness — they all matter. Keep those in mind, be tenacious and patient, and you can accomplish great things.

FAQ: I just heard about this great thing for anxiety, called _______. Does it work?

Answer: Most of the anxiety remedies out there work for a limited number of dogs. Typically, they work for dogs who have mild anxiety and just need something to take the edge off. Rarely do they work with dogs who have serious anxiety — but of course, there’s always an except to that rule!

The two most common things I hear working are Rescue Remedy and Thundershirts. Both can be found through a quick Google search! Rarely do I hear about those enzyme collars/plug-ins working.


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