FAQ: How long have you been training dogs?

Wow, guys, it’s been awhile! You know what happened to me? I went to Cancun. Okay, that was several weeks ago, but while I was in Cancun I wrote up five awesome blog entries so I could just zip them up when I got home, and be free and clear for five weeks!

…Then my computer got smashed on the plane, and now it’s in computer heaven, along with the photos of Cancun, most recent edits on my novel(s), and, oh yeah, blog posts. *sighs* So it’s taken me awhile to stop moping and get back to writing!

Today we have something short. Mostly so I can get something up and continue to write up posts! There should be something a little more in-depth next week. But for this week, I’m starting on my MASSIVE list of FAQs!

FAQ: Do you do you this full-time? Is this your only job? How many hours do you work? How long have you been doing this?

It’s a variation on similar information-seeking, so I figured I can answer all at once!

I do train dogs full time, and have done so for about 3 years now. Before that, I was training dogs and horses both, so it was full-time training but not just with dogs! It is my only job, aside from the aforementioned authoring. (I am published, and I do get paid… about enough to fuel my fancy-coffee habit.) I spend about 20-30 hours a week actually training (crammed into 3 long days), and another 10-15 hours a week doing “paperwork.” This gets quotations, because half of the “paperwork” is actually phone calls.

Phone calls, emails, check ins, writing up notes, calling people back… I guess I should add another few hours a week for website updates and/or blog updates and that kind of thing, but really that gets fitted in on the occasional slow week. (“Ahhh,” I hear you cry, “Now we understand why the website gets updated so infrequently…” Yes, well, at least I can write blog entries and schedule them to post! Thank goodness for the scheduling button.)

One of these days I’ll have enough time left over to put up the pictures of dog body language. Pictures my clients were kind enough to bring their dogs over so we could take… last year. Oh, man. Someday.



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