Videos of my dogs!

I found these while clearing off my youtube account. There isn’t much on there, and even less dog stuff, but I thought these were fun!

This first one is my dog, Sam. (I’ve spoken of Sam before!) He was the first human-aggressive dog I retrained, and he eventually came to live with me. Years spent in a 10×20 run had damaged his spine; when he started having a hard time walking, his owners agreed that I should take him to sunny SoCal (from Toronto). About six months later he was really struggling with walking, so the neighbor girl donated her bike and my landlord donated his welding abilities, and we got a doggie wheelchair put together!

This was filmed late summer 2006.

Here is the same dog, Sam, squeaking. Though I never told him he couldn’t bark when I brought him home, so many rules changed for him that he simply didn’t bark, trying to be on his best behavior. When he saw my sister’s little dogs give their high-pitched barks and get treats for it, he decided that was the thing to do! The picture quality here is very poor, but you’ll get the idea of the sound. Hilarious!

And finally, this is Cash at about a year old, playing in the same yard that I played in as a kid! My parents were petsitting for me while I was at a movie, I believe (from listening to the narration). That’s mostly my dad and younger sister talking. I can’t decide if it’s funnier to watch Cash, or funnier that my dad videoed for almost 5 minutes!


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