Business has been good lately. Good enough, in fact, that I’m making it a point to send a minimum of $100/month to various charities, both local and international. (This is in addition to the money I put in the plastic boxes at grocery and pet stores, clothes and food donated regularly, and the money I give to the nearby homeless guys.)

I’m grateful for the fact that I can pay my bills, save for bigger things, and have a little left over, and very aware of the fact that we’re all a step away from needing help. I do what I can to extend that help. When I was barely making ends meet I could do a lot less, and mostly in the form of non-monetary things. Now, I have a larger cash flow, and I’m excited to pay it forward.

This month I sent money to War Child InternationalWe Can Be Heroes (DC comics will match donations sent through here to the Horn of Africa), and now the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

I’d like to extend a thank you to my clients, who’ve helped make this paying forward possible. If you have a charity you particularly like, let me know in the comments and I’ll see about it making the list for an upcoming month!



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