More pictures!

I keep meaning to somehow put these on my webpage, but that hasn’t happened yet. Alas! Still, here are more adorable pictures!

Here we have Max and Ruby, two rescues, with their stocking from this year! Max and Ruby are very proud to be able to walk down the street, ignoring most dogs they meet. Even better, they’re fantastic at answering the door without barking, and they’ve stopped waking their mom and dad up in the wee hours of the morning. Yay! But MOST importantly… they’re really darn cute!









Here we have Layla, a boxer mix who suffers from biological aggression. Biological aggression can never be “cured,” but sometimes it can be managed. We’re still working on Layla’s food possessiveness, though it’s much better than it was! She’s also much improved in listening to her owners and not attacking dogs in the middle of play — two very important items that we’re glad to have managed!





Ahhhh, it’s a dog’s life! This is Bella, a goldendoodle puppy. One of my favorite things is seeing her and her owner — who is almost as small as Bella herself — walk down the street. What a pair they make!





And finally we have Donzi, Cash, me, Lily and Bella, all but my dogs from different families, but getting along spectacularly. It’s nice to have good dogs!



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