An after school special

Part of an email I received after giving a guest lecture in a high school, where several of the other teachers listened in!

As a side note, I forgot to tell you that not only was your presentation in Hammack’s bio class SO informative and fun, it was also such a treat to watch a gifted teacher practicing her craft.  You are so clear and so patient, and those are hard things to come by.  As one teacher to another, I give you big props!!

Thanks, Paris!


And from Janise, of Amore Pet Sitting Services, regarding her severely toy-obsessed Boston terrier, Starsky:

Hi Jenna,

Thank you for coming to our home and working with us yesterday!!!! I am so impressed with your knowledge and abilities- WOW!!!!!
As we discussed, when I get a chance I am going to post your dog walking technique on my Amore Webpage along with your link.
Starsky is already doing much better….actually he is pooped out and too tired to be naughty LOL !
I feel so relieved to have found you!!!
Kindest Regards,
Thanks, Janise!

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