These will soon go up on my website, but here are photos — along with some background stories!

Meet Cash (king shepherd), Leo (golden retriever), Katie (pit mix), Lily (pit bull), Ginger (chocolate lab), and Felix (terrier mix).  This motley assortment comes from three different owners! Cash is my dog, and problem-free (there are up sides to being a dog trainer!). I helped Leo with fear of, well, everything from grates to cars to trucks. Nowadays, he can walk downtown with confidence! His sister, Ginger, had some problems with dog aggression, and though she’s still cautious about new dogs in her home, she knows she has to behave and is perfect outdoors! Katie had dog aggression, and after several months of training was safe enough to take back to the dog park, where she and her “brother,” Felix, play with the other dogs. Lily is my dog, and though formerly had severe anxiety and minor dog aggression, today is a model citizen. Extra cheers for Katie and Felix, who both have been Canine Good Citizen certified!

Here we have Petey and Cash, the two size extremes! At the time that this was taken, Petey was living with me. He had been picked up as a feral puppy and kept by NARF for several months, but didn’t tame down. They had come to the conclusion that he wasn’t adoptable, and would have to be put down. One of my clients, a volunteer at NARF, asked if I could help, and I did. Petey now lives with his brother, Monte, and a lovely new family. While he is still hand-shy and will panic and run if given the chance, he’s learning to ‘come,’ he loves to snuggle with humans, and will even tolerate being picked up and petted. It’s worth the snuggle time!



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