Closests: Not just for litter boxes

Yesterday was National Coming Out day, and though I’m a bit late (what else is new?) I decided this was the perfect place to talk about it. See, I have several other personal blogs,  but those readers all know about me already. I don’t really live in the closet, and if a client asks me about my romantic life I tell them. Even still, when I was working to defeat Prop 8, it occurred to me that we would be a much less fearful country if all the people who were queer of any shade told the people around them. Suddenly, everyone would know a queer person, and it wouldn’t be so scary anymore.

So, toward that end, and since it is national coming out day, hi. I’m queer, for lack of a better word, since I don’t fit neatly into any of the LGBTQ boxes. I am currently dating a woman of the gender butch, and though it has nothing to do with dog training, you are more than welcome to ask me all the questions you like. 😉



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